Shattered Creator

10 Years Ago...

Previously on "We Haven't Played This Game Yet"

The town of East Haven was at peace in the midst of a thriving community. As the center of a group of small farming hamlets it was home to the local market and most of the local authority. They were growing in peace with only occasional contact with monsters in the wilderness and few orc or goblin raids They had forged a pleasant and peaceful alliance with the Ironside Clan of dwarves who traded resources and provided them with stout dwarven patrols to defend them. Fortune seemed to favor the people of East Haven.

One night, in the early Summer, East Haven was attacked by a combined force of orcs and goblins, led by a massive orc warrior. They killed many guards before the combined might of the dwarven patrol and a young, eager guardsman, Alun Alderson, drove them off. It was quickly determined that, among other plunder, the orcs had made off with two small children from the village. A party was quickly formed of volunteers from the town. Alun would lead the group, accompanied by the childrens’ father, and a dwarf warrior named Orgrimm. A young apprentice wizard, Johriel, her skills learned at her parents’ side, also volunteered to join the group. The final member was a very young man who had wandered into town a year earlier under mysterious circumstances. Ian Stormblade had proven himself to be a brave and trustworthy friend to the town and a fighter of no small skill.

Through the course of the adventure the band fought their way through many orcs and goblins. In the orc lair, Alun’s sword was broken by a formidable goblin champion. He was fortunate enough to find a replacement, which he proudly wields to this day. Deep within the tunnels, the party came upon the orc warlord and his shaman, attempting to sacrifice the children to their dark gods. While Alun and Ian held off the brutal orc retinue, Orgrimm was able to best the orc chief in single combat. The childrens’ father, in a desperate attempt to reach them, was slain by the shaman. Amidst all of the fighting, however, Johriel managed to quickly grab the children and shield them from the shaman’s evil magics. With a well thrown burst of fire, she ended the battle.

The party returned the children to their mother and were praised as heroes. Life quickly returned to normal for the group. Alun went to work defending the town with a greater sense of purpose; Johriel returned to her studies with renewed vigor; Orgrimm felt a deeper connection to the people of East Haven than ever before. Only Ian felt truly unsatisfied with his life in town and, a few weeks later, set off on a path toward adventure.



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