Shattered Creator

5 Years Ago...

We Still Haven't Played This Game Yet

The town of East Haven remained at peace. Little had changed and the preceding years had flow by as time tends to do. Alun remained a popular sheriff, but the job had become rather boring. He kept up with the work the best he could, but raids were few and the town hardly needed guards at all. The militia would drill from time to time, but would hardly be ready for anything more than a simple raid. Johriel had gone on a few adventures of her own, exploring local caves and besting goblins and small beasts. She told tales of her expoits to the children of the town, but became a social outcast for her oddness. Orgrimm remained a staunch friend of the humans, even as the dwarf patrol became smaller as more of his clansmen were called home. Only an occasional letter from Ian to his friends told of his success as an adventurer and the three would come together from time to time to muse over a mug of ale and dinner.

Then, Orgrimm and the rest of the Ironside Clan warriors were called home. Some internal dwarf politics had forced them to cut off outside contact and so trade with the dwarves was ended very abruptly. With sadness, Orgrimm returned home to the dwarven lands.

Over the course of the next few years, heavy orc and goblin raiding would occur for 6 weeks in the early summer. After the first year, Alun found a new sense of purpose, serving as the deputy to the town’s good-natured, but aging, sheriff and building up the town defenses. Each succeeding year brought another large wave of orcs and goblins into the area, knocking out East Haven’s defenses. Alun managed to keep the raids from causing heavy casualties, however, his brash leadership style was clearly not suited for defending a town. Realizing this, Alun did his best to prepare even more carefully for the following year.

Somewhere far away, an elven hunter named Lucien was recruited by a fighter named Ian to join his small group of adventurers.



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