Shattered Creator


Session 1 Log

Orgrimm Ironside returns from Dwarven lands and incarceration, joining with Johriel Seban and Alun Alderson to form the party. The next morning they are joined by Ian and Lucien.

Ian reveals that he is in the process of chasing a dangerous killer. According to his story, about 1 month earlier a series of 40 murders began in Cross Hold. His organization Storm Company was able to locate and confront the killer, but in the process one of his men stabbed and killed the enemy and turned on them. After Bob fled, Ian and Lucien set out to track him and chase him down, which resulted in their arrival at East Haven. It seems likely that the villain would continue his killing in East Haven as it is the only sign of civilization nearby.

Alun sets up patrols in an attempt to prevent any unnecessary deaths. After several hours of patrols, Maugrim the wolf picks up something wrong and leads the party to one of the hamlets in the nearby community. There, they confront Bob, who has apparantly been dominated by a supernatural force. Several other villagers are under his control as well. They do battle with the enemy and Ian slays Bob.

At this point it is unclear what happens, but it appears that the force that was controlling Bob has taken over Ian. The party battles him briefly, but he is able to escape into the night. The party decides to bring the remaining villagers back to East Haven rather than pursue Ian.

After a night of rest, deputies report to Alun that Ian was spotted nearby at some old broken stones. When the party arrives, they find that an opening has been revealed beneath the apparant ruins. After consideration, Alun remembers that there has been a town at East Haven since long before the fall of the Old Kingdom, but there is no record of any structures in this particular location.

The party decends into a room where they discover ancient runes surrounding the walls. Johriel begins to examine them and copy them down, quickly realizing that it is a powerful and ancient magical language but not one that she recognizes. It bears some very basic similarities with common magical runes.

The party battles a group of apparantly barbarian skeletons which are a great challenge. They discover even more runes inscribed on stairs leading to another door.

The party enters a room with an ancient altar and fights a group of stone warriors resembling barbarians and armed with the same weapons as the skeletons.

The party examines the altar which is in the shape of a woman chained to two massive claws above her. The chains have been severed, and Johriel detects that a powerful spell has been disrupted.

The party continues to search the ruins, locating a cache of masterfully created ancient weapons, a secret exit, and a mysterious room near the entranceway.

The room near the entrance has a circle of runes inscribed on the floor. Through a door in this room is a small earthen cave with a large human skeleton and two smaller canine or lupine skeletons. Alun stepped into the circle and was shown a 5 brief visions or flashes. Perhaps they came from someone’s memory, but either way the circle had discharged its residual energy once Alun stepped out and no further clues presented themselves.

The party is on Ian’s trail as the session ends.

Orgrimm Ironside did stuff. Lots of Orgrimm Ironside doing stuff. Orgrimm Ironside Orgrimm Ironside Orgrimm Ironside.


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