Shattered Creator


Goblins Gone Wild

In the second session, the party chased after Ian through the wilderness. Lucien and Maugrim found his trail exceptionally easy to follow. It seemed that Maugrim could sense the path almost burning through the wilderness. As they travelled, Lucien and Alun noticed that the woodlands were eerily still in the wake of Ian’s passing. Johriel attempted to discern the nature of the magic that was controlling their friend, but found it to be the same type of indiscernable effect as the magical seals inside the ruins.

After an ambush by a band of wandering goblins, the group encountered more goblin tracks crossing the path in front of them. At Orgrimm’s insistance, they chose to follow the tracks in search of more goblins. After a brief hunt, they were confronted with a large band of goblins, led by a hobgoblin shaman in a crude mask depicting burning eyes. After a great struggle, they were able to overcome their adversaries.

This his dying breath, the hobgoblin uttered the words, ” coming…be…destroyed…” The only clue to this cryptic phrase was a crude tablet scrawled on in blood. Johriel collected it, but was unable to decipher the hobgoblin’s foul language.

Lucien and Maugrim led the party back onto Ian’s trail.



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