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What I Got...

After some copious calculations I have completed the "Starting Magic and Money" list, which you will find below. Everyone starts with 540 GP (which includes the starting money for adventurers) in your stash. Assumedly your day jobs have managed to pay for day to day expenses. It may not fit some of your stories to have that much money floating around, so you may choose for forfeit any amount of it, or spend the money on things like equipment, etc. Erica (or anyone else), you might want to consider taking the Alchemy feat, which allows you to use the new alchemy rules to brew alchemical items. The components for these cost money as well. Here is a list of magical items owned by various members of the party at the start of the adventure:

Lucien and Maugrim
Friend's Gift Level 4
Item Slot: Companion
Property: Your companion gains an extra 5 HP when it spends a healing surge
or when you spend a healing surge for it to regain HP
Inescapable Weapon +1 Level 3
Item Slot: Weapon
Enhancement: Attack and Damage rolls
Critical: +1d6
Property: Each time you miss a target with this weapon you gain a cumulative
+1 bonus to hit up to a maximum of this weapon's enhancement value. The bonus
ends when you hit or select a new target for this weapon.
Defensive Staff +2 Level 7
Item Slot: Weapon
Enhancement: Attack and Damage rolls
Critical: +2d8
Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to Fort, Ref, and Will defenses. If you have
the Staff of Defense class feature gain an additional +1 to AC.
Sacrifice Bloodclaw Fullblade +1 Level 2
Item Slot: Weapon
Enhancement: Attack and Damage rolls
Critical: +1d6
Power (At-will): Free action. Use this power before making a melee attack
on your turn. You take damage up to a maximum of the weapon’s enhancement
bonus. This damage cannot be reduced or prevented in any way. If you hit,
increase the damage your target takes by triple the amount of damage you took.
Meliorating Chain Armor +1 Level 3
Item Slot: Armor
Enhancement: AC
Property: Each time you reach a milestone in a day, the enhancement bonus of
this armor increases by 1. This bonus resets to the armor's normal enhancement
bonus after an extended rest.
Floating Lantern Level 3
Property: This lantern never needs lighting or refilling. When you let go
of the lantern, it continues to hang in the air where you leave it.
If weight in excess of 1 pound is applied to it it falls to the ground.
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. While you hold the lantern or are adjacent to
it, you canset its light to be bright, dim, or off.
Power (At-Will): Move Action. The last creature to hold the lantern can mentally
command it to move up to 10 squares in any direction, but not more than
10 squares from it.
Blood Drunk Lifedrinker Mordenkrad +1 Level 5
Item Slot: Weapon
Enhancement: Attack and Damage rolls.
Critical: +1d6 Necrotic
Property: When you drop an enemy to 0 HP or less with a melee attack with this
weapon, gain 5 temp HP.
Dwarven Chain Armor +1 Level 2
Item Slot: Armor
Enhancement: AC
Property: Gain +1 bonus to Endurance checks
Power (Daily, Healing): Free Action. Regain HP as if you spent a healing surge.



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