Ian Stormblade

A fighter of unknown origins and leader of a small band of do-gooders


Fighter (Tempest)

Stat Score Mod
Str 18 +4
Con 14 +2
Dex 16 +3
Int 10 +0
Wis 14 +2
Chr 10 +0
Defense Score
AC 23
Fort 21
Ref 20
Will 17

HP 76;Surges 11

Feats; Two Weapon Defense; Two Weapon Fighting; Shield Defense; Reaping Blade; Toughness; Warrior of the Wild; Shield Push

Items: Shortsword +1, Throwing Blade Shield, Versatile Chainmail +1

Basic Attacks
Att Def Weapon Damage
13 AC Shortsword 1d6+8
11 AC Blade Shield 1d6+6
10 AC Throw Shield 1d8+4
At Will
Power Book
Dual Strike BMP
Tide of Iron PHB
Footwork Lure BMP
Power Book
Shield Bash BMP
Advance Lunge BMP
Twofold Torment BMP
Power Book
Tempest Dance BMP
Subtle Cut BMP
Power Book
Defensive Stance BMP
Battle Awareness PHB

At age 14 Ian wandered into town covered in blood. He would say nothing of the events that had befallen him, only that he had lived with his grandfather who had been an ascetic warrior and that they had been attacked by a powerful enemy that had slain the old man. Ian defeated the monster and buried his grandfather by hand. He then wandered off in search of his fortune.

After participating in the hunt for the abducted children, Ian chose the life of an adventurer and headed off to make his fortune. Though he occasionally sent letters or money to help the town, he did not visit again until the events of the story began to unfold.

Ian founded a very successful group of adventurers with the desire to protect the innocent from bandits and rampaging monsters. His patron is a rich, self-styled Duke that allows them autonomy, provided that he can claim responsibility for their adventures in public.

After the strange rash of murders, and the unusual events that befell when they cornered the culprit, Ian set out with his trusted tracker to chase his former comrade.

Ian Stormblade

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