King Orlo Rockhammer

King of the unified Dwarf clans in the Great Grey Mountains.


Warlord (Inspiring)


King Orlo Rockhammer was a just like any other young dwarf born in a time of strife between the clans. He was raised by his closely knit family and began working the mines at a young age. To bring great honor to his otherwise unknown family, Rockhammer became a “deep delver”, a dwarven warrior that went into the deepest parts of the mountains, often alone, in search of great treasures and rich veins of ore.

As his exploits became more well-known, Rockhammer attracted a following of other dwarves from his clan. Soon his name became known amongst other dwarven clans in the mountains and stories were told of the riches his ever growing cadre had brought back from the dark places.

Rockhammer turned his pursuits to the benefit of all dwarves. Building on his reputation, he began settling the ancient grievances between clans and families. As his following grew and grew, it seemed as though it could be the start of a reborn dwarven nation.

Recently, having built enough support internally to lead several clans at once, Rockhammer was declared King of the Dwarves; the first one in centuries. He quickly established his authority with a series of laws for Dwarven society. These laws included cutting off trade and negating all agreements with outsiders. Rockhammer is a firm, ambitious king that does not tolerate any dwarf who chooses to go against his plans.

King Orlo Rockhammer

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