Elven ranger with a wolf companion. (Character in progress)


[Insert clever Elf society background here]

At a young age, Lucien stood out among his community as one of their best hunters. His tracking skill, silent step, and lethal speed made him the favorite for leading hunting parties. However, on one excursion he was separated from his party. He was surprised to find that it was easier to hunt by himself, as he could travel faster and remain silent and still with no one to signal to. As the years went on, he refused accompaniment more and more frequently, until he would only hunt alone. This unfortunately did not sit well with his community; finally, embittered by his perceived standoffishness, the elves told him that if he would not hunt with the community, he could not live in the community.

Years went by, and Lucien survived on his own, hunting and living as a hermit. He was prepared to live alone forever until faced with a strange development. There came a night that he was after a stag, and Lucien became aware that he was not the only hunter after that particular prey. Still, Lucien closed in before his apparently timid rival could take the stag. Not long after that, he noticed again that he seemed to have competition for his kill; this time he found he was a breath too slow. A wolf fell upon his prey just before Lucien could get to it. Over the following weeks, the same game played out with increasing frequency, and Lucien became aware that it was always the same wolf but never a whole pack. Eventually the two of them began to acknowledge each other’s presence by each using the other to his own advantage, and still one or the other would make the kill first. Finally there came a time when both hunters fell upon the prey at once. They shared what they had caught together, giving each other a respectful amount of space. Elf and wolf then began to not only use each other but work as a team. Over a year had passed since the first time their hunts coincided, and the two predators were on their way to becoming steadfast companions.

A few years after finding each other, Lucien and the wolf – whom he had taken to calling Maugrim – began to notice that there was more activity in their forest. Now and then they would hear what sounded like orcish voices in the distance. The wildlife started to become scarce. Finally, it became difficult to hunt enough to survive, and the two left their beloved forest to find work where they could. For a while, Lucien found them work with small bands of adventurers, but the work was not steady. It wasn’t until they met a young man called Ian that Lucien and Maugrim had steady employment. Ian was a fair man, and seemed duly impressed with the elf, quickly recognizing Lucien as his best tracker. Still, after so many years alone, Lucien kept mainly to himself and Maugrim.


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