Alun Alderson

Sheriff to the town of East Haven


Warlord (Bravura)

Scores |Str|16|+3| |Con|11|+0| |Dex|10|+0| |Int|12|+1| |Cha|20|+5| HP: 38 Bloodied: 16 Surges/day: 8/7

Feats Improved Bravura, Improved Initiative, Superior Weapon (Fullblade)

Skills Athletics, Diplomacy, History, Intimidate, Streetwise

{color:orange} Bloodclaw Fullblade +1 Level 2
Item Slot: Weapon
Enhancement: Attack and Damage rolls
Critical: +1d6
Power (At-will): Free action. Use this power before making a melee attack
on your turn. You take damage up to a maximum of the weapon’s enhancement
bonus. This damage cannot be reduced or prevented in any way. If you hit,
increase the damage your target takes by triple the amount of damage you took.
Meliorating Chain Armor +1 Level 3
Item Slot: Armor
Enhancement: AC
Property: Each time you reach a milestone in a day, the enhancement bonus of
this armor increases by 1. This bonus resets to the armor's normal enhancement
bonus after an extended rest.
Floating Lantern Level 3
Property: This lantern never needs lighting or refilling. When you let go
of the lantern, it continues to hang in the air where you leave it.
If weight in excess of 1 pound is applied to it it falls to the ground.
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. While you hold the lantern or are adjacent to
it, you canset its light to be bright, dim, or off.
Power (At-Will): Move Action. The last creature to hold the lantern can mentally
command it to move up to 10 squares in any direction, but not more than
10 squares from it.

AW-Furious Smash

AW-Commanders Strike

AW-Brash Assault

Encounter-Hammer and Anvil Level 1

Encounter-Flattening Charge Level 3

Daily-Concentrated Attack Level 1

Utility-Reckless Opportunity Level 2


Alun Alderson was born to a privileged family in the town of East Haven. Born to the powerful Fredric and Anastasia Alderson, the most prosperous landowners and leaders of the Council of Elders gave Alun a giant leg up in the world. From a young age he was preened by his father to take the Alderson name into the next generation. Alun was given the finest teachers in all the surrounding land, constantly reminded of the Alderson namesake and everything his family had done for his benefit. He even got the rare opportunity to travel to the city of King’s Cross. For him it was a wonder to behold such opulence even though the spires had fallen, and the walls had crumbled. Fredric constantly pushed Alun to remember his birthright, the ability to lead men. Generations of Aldersons had led the council and the community back towards its former glory.

At age 10 just a few months after the trip to King’s Cross, Alun learned that a new addition would be coming to the family, a young sister arrived named Stephanie. She to was trained to be a regal member of the Alderson household right from birth. For Alun would need council once his ascension took place. Alun loved spending time with his kid sister, and took care of her in a way only big brothers could. This led to him getting into fights, or even scaring other children away. Even though he was young, he was trained well in the art of diplomacy, skillfully conniving others to fight for him even, or brashly intimidating adults into capitulating to his demands.

A week after his sisters 5th birthday a host of Orcs and Goblins raided the town, as a skilled swordsman Alun naturally answered the call to arms. The men of the town were unprepared and unequipped for such a venture however, and barely held the barbarians from burning down the town. Thankfully the dwarves friendly to the town formed a battle line which allowed the beleaguered men to rally around Alun who, even though he was not fully mature, was the most trained and experienced fighter amongst them. With the concerted effort of dwarves and men the orcs were rebuffed. Unfortunately it seemed that more was taken than just the peace in the streets.

A husband and wife screamed to the militia that there 2 children were taken by the beasts and a search party was organized to rescue them. Alun, feeling that if it were his sister he would insist on going suggested a group of the organized militia would go save them. Orgrimm Ironside, Johriel Seban, and Ian Stormblade were all sent with the father and him to retrieve the children. Luckily they were very easy to track, and the group descended into the cave of the creatures. Many creatures fell to the constant barrage of blows by the group. At the entrance to the Shamans lair a goblin stepped forth to challenge Alun to single combat. Parry after parry until finally Aluns greatsword was cleft in twain, to which the goblin raised his weapon above his head in victory, with the remaining blade Alun drove the greatsword through the goblin into the wall. The goblin was wielding a beautifully craft greatsword the size of which Alun had never seen, and to the victor went the spoils.

The group descended into the shamans chamber where Johriel identified the creature to be casting an evil spell, which required innocent sacrifice. The group charged into combat with a huge orc and his retinue desperately trying to rescue the children before the ceremony was complete. Sadly the father of the children fell in the melee. With the retinue distracted Johriel was able to counter the evil spell and get the children to safety while the huge monsters were dispatched. Alun had taken notice that the leader creatures had all adorned themselves with fetishes and masks of varying colors. He took the masks of the shaman and goblin to investigate further.

Their adventure complete the four made their way back to town, heroes. Songs were song about the brave band who rescued the young children, and many drinks were bought on their behalf. The met regularly to talk about their experience, it was always a topic that Ian brought up. It was clear to Alun that Ian wanted to explore the world around as an adventurer for hire, but none of the other three seemed overly interested. Eventually Ian left, saying that he would return regularly to catch up with his friends.

Alun had barely gotten home when his father began to talk to him about what great things he could be capable of, if he were put into a position of authority in the town. He had blamed the poor leadership of the militia on the aging sheriff of the town, and called a vote only a fortnight later to install a new position under the sheriff. The title of deputy was bestowed upon Alun for his bravery against the orc threat and his leadership skills. He learned much from the old sheriff who was extremely gifted at observation, something Alun himself was never very good at. The sheriff learned that he would rely on Alun to go the extra mile to really get after the criminals of the town. He(Alun) was the yin to the sheriffs yang. Over the years the sheriff had grown long in the tooth and could no longer chase down criminals or hope to scare off bandit attacks, but with Alun anything was possible. A time of great prosperity came, crime was almost nonexistant as criminals feared the retribution of Alun, knowing that the sheriff would be hot on their trail. Alun began in earnest to train a militia for the sheriff. For all of his posturing Fredric had not gotten the desired effect from his plan.

Ian came to visit from time to time, always relaying his stories to the others, after his departure the remaining three would talk about the what ifs but decided that staying was the best plan for them. If was clear that Alun was going to become the sheriff of the town soon enough, and eventually sheriff did retire on his own terms. Alun was excited as this meant he would be open to bringing new deputies on, to which he offered his friends. It was at this point when Orgrimm told him the news that all the dwarves were being recalled by the new king, and Johriel had no intentions of being tied down to a regimented schedule. So instead he gathered a few prominent militia who excelled at tracking and empathy and hired them to assist.

Sheriff life did not hold the same meaning for Alun as it once had. The fun had been sucked out of his worth by constantly having to run the beauracracy, which is nothing that Alun looked for. His sister Stephanie was a great boon to him as she ran errands and assisted where she could, but it only muted the dissatisfaction within him.

It had been years since the dwarves were heard from, and in the early summer a large force or orcs came to raid the villages, the militia was still no match for them even though they had been trained and equipped at the request of Alun, only the magics of the elves stemmed the flow. This exposure to the orcs had shown that the barbarian orc tribes used fear to rally the lower creatures of the tribe. Fear in the magics that were wielded and in the totems and facemasks that the leaders used. Alun began to make his own mask, to ward off any of the lower creatures so that he might engage the leaders with a better numerical advantage.

A new raiding party came back the following year, and Alun was ready for them. Deploying the meager forces he had to funnel the creatures to him with his Grim Mask, it terrified the small creatures, allowing his militia to move into the larger creatures as he suspected , breaking their backs with by destroying the leaders.

The summer he compelled the council to begin defensive fortifications around the outlying towns, and allowing even more of a militia to conscripted, and when the attacks began again the following spring a ferocious campaign was waged. This year the host was even larger and it took all of the cunning of the leadership to push off this attack. Concern was raised that another attack would surely spell doom for one if not all the towns.

The council was outraged that all the hard work of defending the community had been for naught it seemed. All of course but his father would was grieviously wounded in the battle. The father told his son that this was thte time he had been waiting for, to pass the mantle of leadership down, but Alun rejected the idea. Not only did he feel disgrace at the loss of his men, but the though of even more politicing and beauracracy disgusted him. He tendered his resignation as the sheriff of 5 years, allowing his sister to place him on the council, and biding his time for the opportunity to investigate what was going on around his village. He would become bane to the murderous raiders of his village, never backing down from an opportunity to dispense justice on them.

Alun Alderson

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