Orgrimm Ironside

A dwarven fighter imprisoned for disobeying the mandates of his newly appointed King now escaped and seeking adventure and purpose.


Fighter (Battlerager)

Well I just figured we’d wander around, kill some sentient creatures because they had green skin and fangs and we don’t, and then take their stuff.

Str 17 +3
Con 17 +3
Dex 10 +0
Int 11 +0
Wis 10 +0
Cha 12 +1
AC 18
Fort 16
Ref 11
Will 12

HP: 44, Bloodied: 22, Surges/day: 12

Feats: Superior Dwarven Weapon Training, Weapon Focus (Hammers)

Items: Blood-drunk. (+1 Lifedrinker Mordenkrad), +1 Dwarven Chain Armor

Mordenkrad +7 vs AC 2D6+7(+9 w/Temp HPs) 13-21 dmg
Power Level Book
Crushing Surge 1 MP
Brash Strike 1 MP
Steel Serpent Strike 1 PHB
Knee Breaker 1 MP
Boundless Endurance 2 PHB

Orgrimm, son of Arngrimm, son of Kaligrimm, son of Halengrimm, son of Rathergrimm, was once a proud warrior of the mighty Clan Ironside. His people, a small but proud Dwarven clan steeped in rich warrior tradition, had engaged in constant strife and warfare with each of the other Dwarven Clans under The Great Grey Mountains since the Odes of Yore recall. Clan Ironside centered itself closer to the surface than many of the other clans and had enriched itself through firm relations and trade with a neighboring network of Human villages centered around the town of East Haven at the base of The Mountain. East Haven, under continuous pressure from Orcish Raiders, gained much from the Ironside smithies and the Clan stocked its pantries through the harshest times with produce grown by Human Farmers.

Clan Ironside ate and grew fat from their prosperous trade agreement and were eager to answer the Human call for protection against incessant Orcish threats. A small detachment of young but eager warriors was sent from the Mountain to live amongst the Humans and provide them their warrior skills. For the soldiers of Clan Ironside, raised to believe that only those who die with glory in combat can ascend, the chance to kill Orcs was welcome and Orgrimm quickly volunteered. Though he would not be able to help his clansmen with their struggles against the other Clans, Orgrimm was content to be amongst the Humans whom he quickly learned to respect and appreciate beyond even what the others in his detachment agreed was necessary. Orgrimm bonded with the struggles of a people he saw as beleaguered, tenacious yet fragile and he formed friendships with the Humans.

While deployed to East Haven a human child was kidnapped during an Orc raid and a party was culled to find the missing child. Though the other dwarf soldiers deemed the volunteer mission outside the scope of their assignment, and therefore none of their concern, Orgrimm felt a duty to aid in the rescue and joined his friends Alun, Johriel and Ian to track the Orcs. The ensuing battle became a ferocious cave brawl against a host of Orcs intent on sacrificing the child in a shaman’s ritual. In the midst of the fray Orgrimm chose the largest, most imposing Orc warrior and charged it without regard for safety or tactics. Standing over eight feet tall the Orc Chief easily lifted the charging Orgrimm over its head and slammed him down into the cave floor causing the ground to give way into a sinkhole. In a cavern beneath the Orc lair Orgrimm and the Chieftain dueled with all the intensity of their racial enmity. In the end Orgrimm and Blood-Drunk emerged victorious though Orgrimm had suffered grievous wounds and had to be carried back to East Haven on a litter.

Under the Mountain an energetic Clan leader, King Orlo Rockhammer, rose quickly to power and was able to forge the Clans together through his charisma and military might. Soon Clan Ironside joined with this Dwarven King and a lasting peace began among the Clans that had been unavailable for generations. The new King saw his grasp over the incendiary Clans as tenuous and decreed that all external agreements and contracts be terminated such that the Dwarves may come together as a people and solidify the fledgling Kingdom. With a heavy heart Orgrimm obeyed his orders and turned his back on the people of East Haven.

Orgrimm floundered under the peace of the new Kingdom and his soul cried out for the glory of battle and the duties of a guard wore on him heavily. Human refugees would find their way to the Dwarven Mine entrances only to be turned away by edict of the King. It became clear that without the Dwarven support the Humans of the Hills were losing settlement after settlement to the Orcs and Orgrimm’s patience was tested greater with each refugee he turned back. It was while standing as a guard to the Mines that Orgrimm over heard the cries of Human women screaming for help. Orgrimm immediately leapt into action and charged towards the screams where he found a dozen Human women and children desperately fleeing Orc Raiders. From the edge of the tree line Orgrimm could see two Orcs brutally raping a woman and others rushing up the hill towards him. With the help of a handful of his clansmen Orgrimm succeeded in defeating the Orcs only to be placed in chains for his trouble.

King Orlo Rockhammer could not allow his precarious lead to be undermined by the rash actions of a young guard. To give leniency would have been to invite others to challenge the King's rule and plunge the Clans back into open war. Orgrimm's commander was beheaded for failing to keep his guards in line and Orgrimm was sentenced to life in prison for disobeying an edict of the King.

Now, after only a few short years, Orgrimm has managed to escape his captivity and the Dwarven Mines by convincing his Clansmen to smuggle him and his weapon Blood Drunk out and away from the rule of the King. With a Want on his head at home Orgrimm has turned to the Humans he had once counted as friends and the open road to find adventure, glory and perhaps a warrior's ascension.

Orgrimm has no balls.

Orgrimm Ironside

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