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  • Cross Palace

    The palace of [[King Richard Cross]] in the city of [[Cross Hold]]. 200 years ago this was the seat of power for the entire region, the center of a bustling city of 10,000 citizens. Now the palace stands in ruins, its doors barred by the [[Council]]. …

  • De Wachtou

    "The Watchtower", named in an ancient, forgotten language passed down from times long past, might be called a ruined tower except that is has, somehow, remained intact. Seated high on the unscalable wall of the [[Red Mountains|Red Mountain Cliffs]], this …

  • South Gate

    A wall near the southernmost point of the Red Mountains with a massive iron gate. The wall was ordered constructed by [[King Richard Cross]] as a defense against monsters from the far South.

  • Cross Hold Old City

    The "Old City" of [[Cross Hold]] includes most of the Northern and Western portions of the city. This region was once the most prominent and thriving district, containing the homes of aristocrats and nobles, marketplaces trading in high quality goods, …

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