Blood Drunk


As broad as a Dwarf torso the immense head of the mordenkrad bristles with nine diamond sharpened pyramids in rows over both faces of the weapon. Along the left side of the head gold and mithril knotting borders a warning to evil foes (possibly Goblins in specific based on certain translations of ancient text) of the growing fury of Blood Drunk in the presence of their “spilt essence”. Opposite the warning more gold and mithril runes praise the warrior spirit that “attacks without hesitation” and refuses to yield against overwhelming odds. A final message over the top of the weapon claims that it is infused with a heart of its own that beats in time with a soldier’s soul.

The fungus that fills the steel haft of Blood Drunk is nearly impossible to find under the Great Grey Mountains but is believed to have flourished before The Sundering. Among other properties the fungus has a soft and reactive quality that absorbs vibrations travelling along the shaft that reduces fatigue in the wielders hands, arms and shoulders. Tanned lizard hides, which have been replaced several times since the weapon’s creation, further reduce vibration and firm the handle grip.


Ancient Dwarf runes inscribed along the handle on this massive mordenkrad translate roughly to “Blood Drunk”. Blood Drunk was forged of mithril and gold inlayed steel with a haft of hollowed steel filled with a spongy fungus and wrapped in tanned lizard hide by Dwarf craftsmen of immense skill. Scholars estimate by the materials used in its creation and the skill of the weapon’s construction that Blood Drunk was likely forged early in The Sundering before the Goblin armies were able to over run the great kilns of the First Stronghold.

Odes of Clan Ironside claim that Blood Drunk has been a birth right of the Clan since The Sundering and has been wielded by some of the Clan Ironside’s greatest heroes including Halengrimm Ironside, son of the mighty Rathergrimm the Slayer. Clan Ironside Odes also speak of the weapon infusing a warrior with increasing vigor as more and more enemies fall before the fury of Blood Drunk. Those that have seen the potent weapon at work claim that it has kept Dwarves fighting long after they should have succumbed to fatigue and wounds though these claims remain unproven stories.

Blood Drunk

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