Cross Hold

The largest remaining city from the old kingdom. 200 years ago, Cross Hold was a vast bustling city that served as the center of the old society. King Richard Cross and his two sons, Albert and David, ruled from the city until the King’s death. With his passing, his two sons began a civil war that tore Cross Hold, the castle, the surrounding countryside, and eventually the entire kingdom apart.

Cross Hold is a growing community. About 1500 people live within the city, which has the remnants of the ancient walls surrounding it. Farms and small towns have grown around it, such that there are another 700 people living directly outside the walls. Most of the old city has been abandoned, with entire sections sealed away behind their ruined walls.

The city has a stable economy that is largely involved in trade with nearby communities. There is a marginal defese force, mostly funded by a handful wealthy aristocrats that either made their fortunes since the fall of the kingdom, or whose families somehow managed to hold onto their wealth throughout the years. These aristocrats rule the city as a Council, though perhaps a better word for what they do might be “manage”, since they have no designated authority to do so.

The palace has been abandoned since the time of the Old Kingdom Civil War and has fallen into ruin. There have been some reports that the palace is haunted by the souls of the soldiers loyal to the king who fell in the initial battle between the brothers.

Cross Hold

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