East Haven

East Haven is a small town that serves as the center of a community of villages and hamlets in the East of the ancient kingdom. Nestled just southwest of the foothills of the Great Grey Mountains, East Haven was once a center of trade with the Dwarven people. Though they shared long term trade and defense agreements with the local dwarf clan, these agreements have since been nullified by the new united dwarf rulership, led by King Orlo Rockhammer.

The town has a population of close to 350, including the closest farms. The region is governed by the Circle of Elders, of whom the town’s representative is Fredric Alderson. There is a small militia, led by a brash Sheriff named Alun Alderson. There are two apprentice wizards in the town, the profit of a tradition of passing down the knowledge of magic within their family.

Recently, East Haven has been the site of a seemingly annual series of raids by barbaric humanoids. The raids have come in early Summer for the last three years, but have been fended off by the Sheriff and other brave souls in the town.

The community surrounding East Haven includes four small villages. Shepherd’s Rest to the North. Dun to the Southwest. Haven’s Hope to the East. Furthest away is Holdrum Village which is two days to the Southeast and the largest of the small villages.

East Haven

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