Orgrimm Ironside's Personal Journal

Translated by Elanea Maqui into Common from Dwarf Runic

Translator’s note: Dwarf Runic is an extremely utilitarian language and therefore some what limited in its expressivity. As such I have taken the liberty of filling in and interpreting the context of phrases to make the document more accessible to a Common Reader. I have provided the direct translation directly following the first paragraph to illustrate.

MUCH has occurred in just the past year and since my recent release from captivity I feel impelled to document my experience lest it be lost to future generations. Though only Moradin may judge me, if I am to make my name and regain my honour among my people then only my deeds will bring my redemption.

MUCH work done in short time after prison end, I must write down for children. Holy Moradin omnipotent, Dwarf must know deed, know honor, gain position.

It will be a matter of record that I was incarcerated for a period of what I must assume is years for violation of the King’s edict. This violation, which incurred a life sentence, is for history to decide as right or wrong. For my part I believed it inconceivable to allow women and children, Human or otherwise, to be killed simply to save the face of a Non-Clan (this rune holds no direct translation into Common) rules. My time spent in the mines was short and, for the safety of loved ones, I will say only that I managed an escape through sheer cunning and force of will through an abandoned mine shaft out into the heart of the Great Grey Mountains. Surviving on melted snow and the occasional mountain flora I made the two week trek into East Haven and to my long lost comrades Alun Alderson and Johriel Seban who welcomed me with great generosity though I expressed my position as a fugitive. So far from the Strong Holds of Clan Rockhammer the strength of that Want has waned into complete obscurity.

(Here Orgrimm Ironside begins to refer to himself and his travelling companions as a singular group; the Comrades. This is a common practice among the Clannish Dwarves)

Within the space of a brief sleep the Comrades were awoken with the news that our old comrade Ian Stormblade had returned to East Haven as well. My heart initially swelled with the thought of Moradin bringing together fated warriors destined for glory thought I soon learned the truth of the matter. Ian was tracking a serial killer with a wanton thirst for blood who had once been a soldier in Ian’s army; Storm Company. This is when I met Lucien, an Elven Ranger, who was travelling with Ian. Though my opinion of Elves had been low at the time I knew better than to discount anyone Ian would choose to have at his side. At once we were on the Killer’s trail into the hamlets surrounding East Haven with the ill omen that the wanton killings may not have been as random as they appeared.

Soon we were upon a hamlet bereft of light and overcome by the cries of terrified humans. The Comrades found the Killer quickly and closed in on him when Johriel and I were beset by pair of villagers bewitched by dark magics, their eyes glowing with evil and their hands set ablaze by pure malice. As Ian, Alun and Lucien felled the murderous bastard the light left the villager’s eyes and the enchantment subsided, though not before Blood-drunk ended the life of one of the poor unwitting humans. It was there, before my eyes, that I saw the daemon subsume Ian’s soul. As the villagers before him, Ian’s eye blazed witch fire and then the Evil, as it is want to do, fled before us as if on dragon’s wings.

By the next morning, after much needed rest, Lucien’s beast had found Ian’s trail and the chase was back on. The path led us Comrades to the ruins of a long ruined human settlement where Ian had carved out the earth and uncovered a pathway into long undisturbed temple. Through magic doors, past undead warrior guardians and living statue sentinels the Comrades found some form of altar in the shape of a human woman, hands to the ceiling shackled to claws protruding from the wall, radiating evil that Johriel believes held some enchantment warding or binding something of great power.

(Here Orgrimm Ironside speaks at length on stone work found at either end of the main chamber holding the altar. Not being a Dwarf I have little capacity to translate the nuance here.)

The Comrades have come to believe that chains about the altar’s wrist, which Ian undoubtedly severed, bound something that Ian has now released. Whatever it might be, if it serves the daemon within Ian, it can only be contrary to our well being.


After the unsettling presence of the unholy shrine Ian’s trail picked back up above ground through a secret hatch near the rear of the evil alter. Lucien was able to follow the trail unerringly north towards what has to be Cross Hold. The Comrades were at once set upon by a band of hated Goblins which were met with all of the holy fury Moradin could bring to bear. The foul brutes were directed by a corrupt mage bearing a mask with flaming eyes reminiscent of those Ian has possessed. Moradin favored The Comrades and the mage was brought to justice! Soon Goblin tracks were discovered leading west into the woods though pursuit with haste was denied as Johriel, in her typical disregard for the desires of The Comrades, stopped herself and would not be budged until she had concluded all manner of ridiculous incantations and the like.

With the light of dawn The Comrades were once more on the tail of the Enemy (a common Dwarf reference to Goblins and Goblinoids as a whole) as Alan listened to reason and recognized them as the more pressing target. The Comrades had hoped, in slaying every last wretched beast, to learn more of the condition of Ian’s magics and to learn more about how to stop him from body jumping. Indeed and enemy camp was located and in the end Blood Drunk bellied to the bar and drank deep of Enemy blood. By divine mandate no less than sixteen of the Enemy lay broken with their essence spilling the forest floor. Moradin rejoices and blesses The Comrades in their quest however the Enemy is crafty and has hidden their secrets deep. The Comrades will learn more if every last Goblin must die to obtain it by oath to Moradin!

The Comrades have finished the trek north to Cross Hold with as many questions as before though an evil relic was recovered from the Enemy camp which may shed more light on the matter. In the mean time Ian most likely wanders the streets of Cross Hold and The Comrades will remain vigilant for his return.

Orgrimm Ironside's Personal Journal

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