Storm Company

A group of adventurers and mercenaries organized by Ian Stormblade that operates out of Cross Hold. They are financed partially by their operations but mostly but a patron; Lord Michael Dokouj, one of the members of the Council. Their headquarters is the Rising Storm Tavern, inside the southern gate of the city.

Storm Company includes warriors, artificers, ex-guardsmen, and even a ranger and a mage. Most of their operations center around protecting outgoing trade from Cross Hold to other local communities and slaying dangerous monsters.

Storm Company has been investigating a series of murders that took place in Cross Hold.

Known Members
Ian Stormblade
Baruch Kastellan
Lucien and Maugrim
Boban Bors (Deceased)
Holis Hayden (Injured)
Kanaan Feld
Trina Feld

Storm Company

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